It is our mission to connect women around the globe with one or no breast and inspire them to live unconcerned lives.
We’ve developed the Qups to empower you! With our community in the Netherlands we share tips, unique stories and we develop our own products. Together we are one, we are more than happy to expand our products and services in other countries, so join us.

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Our prothesis: de Qup

A new comfortable filling for your bra so you can live your life symmetrically without any hassle. Now available!

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Nice to have the choice to be who I am!

Joyce van der Kruijf

With the Qup, a special prosthetic bikini is no longer necessary.
I am very happy with this!!

Ingrid Foppen-Kool

I just want to let you know that I am happy with the prosthetic Qups,
they are not that heavy and feel very soft.

Ada Elberse

If you only knew how happy you’ve made me! I feel trendy again

Petra Roelen

So proud of ProudBreast!
You are my heroes fighting for womens happiness ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ineke Arendshorst

I am very happy with my 4 Qups.
No more hassle to wash the silicone prosthesis every night!

Martha Klein - Gaastra

I feel like i’m in heaven with the Qups from ProudBreast!!

Heleen Verdonk

With my Qups I feel free to live again!


Great how airy and shape-retaining the Qup is.
Ultimate wearing comfort!

Myriam Nettekoven

What a wonderful light feeling and the Qup stays nice and dry. No longer that awfully sweaty and sticky feeling, I’m really happy with the Qup.

Carola Nederkoorn-Derksen, Your Content Goes Here

This morning I swam a kilometer with my swimming Qups and they are really perfect!

Sonja Loudon, Your Content Goes Here


ProudBreast started with productdesigner and #onebreasted women Suzanne Kemps and Brandbuilder Clary Scheres. We are women with a mission, inspired by our own live and the people around us.

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