softqup lightweight comfortable alternative breastprosthesis

The Qup is not just a breast form

but life without any hassle

The Qup empowers you

a comfortable breast form that enables you to live your breastless life without any hassle

Questions about the Qup? We have answers

You might have these questions

What material is the Qup made of?

The Qups consist of two parts: a core made of very soft foam and a cotton cover in all kinds of colors and patterns. The Qups are breathable and ventilate heat. What you feel on your skin while wearing it is the cotton. This feels very soft and comfortable.

Read more about the materials in this blog:

In this video Clary shows you the Qups:

What lingerie fits best with Qups?

You can wear prosthetic bras like you are used to. But as Qups are very lightweight and washable like lingerie, they also fit in normal lingerie. Look for:

-> Minimizer bras, they automatically have a higher breast form

-> Usually pre-formed bra’s work good

-> Some hight in the middle is usually helpfull

-> With or without wire is up to you. A wire helps with symmetry but sometimes the wire wears uncomfortable on your scars.

What is my size?

Want to be sure you have the right size? Than just take a look at our blog about how to measure your size:

If you doubt, you can order several sizes and return the wrong ones after fitting them at home.

Can I return an item?

If you don’t like the Qup, you can return it within 30 days. The costs of the return shipment are at your own expense. The return address is: Bergstraat 45, 7411 ES Deventer, the Netherlands. Please add the order-info you’ve received with your order, that way we can process the order quickly. As soon as we have received the return shipment, the purchase amount will be refunded within 5 working days to the account with which you paid.

How can I wear Qups?

Qups are worn in different ways, this is what our users do:

-> In prosthetic bras and swimwear,

-> In bras with pockets, like a lot of sportswear or comfort bras (sometimes they come with pads, you can replace those with the Qup). Like the sloggi shirts you can find here:

-> In normal bras with fashiontape

-> In normal bras when you attach them with three simple stitches. This only works if you keep a Qup per bra. First fit the qup in your bra the way it feels comfortable. Than fixate the qup temporarily with 3 pins. Now use the included sewing kit to sew the qup to your bra in three places. Do this preferably along the existing seams. See our instruction video here:

-> In normal bras without fixation, this works for a lot of women

What is the lifespan of Qups?

We offer a guarantee of 1 year on the Qups. But we know women who have worn the Qup since the beginning of our production, which is over 2 years ago now.

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