The Qup empowers you

a comfortable breast prothesis that enables you to live your breastless life without any hassle

  • Easy to buy

Online for sale on this site
for just €39 a piece.

  • Easy to wash

Just throw them in the laundry,
and no further hassle.

  • Easy to use

Fix it in your regular bra
and continue doing other things

  • Comfortable

Feels soft to your skin, is breathable
and doesn’t sweat.

  • Lightweight

Only weighs 15% of current prostheses.

  • Feminine & fashionable

They come in beautiful colors and delicate fabrics.
Enough choice for every woman.

Questions?We have answers

Tips and answers in a series of videos

What is the lifespan of the Qups?2019-11-04T23:02:48+01:00

Okay, of course we still have to discover this. But according to lingerie connoisseurs, a bra lasts an average of eight months if you take good care of it. We expect something similar for the Qups.

How can I sew a Qups in my bra?2019-11-04T23:00:26+01:00

It sounds very complicated, but it is attached with three simple stitches. First fit the qup in your bra the way it feels comfortable. Than fixate the qup temporarily with 3 pins. Now use the
included sewing kit to sew the qup to your bra in three places. Do this preferably along the existing seams.

How do I return an item?2019-11-04T22:53:03+01:00

You can secure the Qups in your bra and wear them. If you don’t like the Qup, you can return it within 30 days. The costs of the return shipment are at your own expense. The return address is: Nieuwe Markt 23, 7411 PB Deventer, the Netherlands. As soon as we have received the return shipment, the purchase amount will be refunded within 5 working days to the account with which you paid.

Help, my size is wrong!2019-11-04T22:51:02+01:00

Do you still have the idea that the Qups are too small or too large? No problem! Just return the Qup (at your own expense) and request a larger or smaller size in an additional note. Want to be sure you have the right size? Than just take a look at our blog about how to measure your size: https://www.proudbreast.com/what-size-do-you-need/

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