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The Qup empowers you

a comfortable breast prothesis that enables you to live your breastless life without any hassle

Easy to buy

Online for sale on this site. 
Choose between the SoftQup
for just €49,- or the
ParelQup for just €79,-

Easy to wash

Just throw them in the laundry,
and no further hassle.

Easy to use

Fix it in your regular bra
and continue doing other things


Feels soft to your skin, is breathable
and doesn’t sweat.


The SoftQup only weighs 15% of current prostheses.
The ParelQups have standardized weights per size 
which range from 60 grams to max. 120 grams.

Feminine & fashionable

They come in beautiful colors and delicate fabrics. Enough choice for every woman.

Qups now for sale

The entire range of Qups in a row


Our Blogs

How to fix the Qup in your bra

How do you sew the qup in your existing bra? What does that look like and is it difficult? Clary and Suzanne van Proudbreast will keep you informed of developments around the Qups, a new type of comfortable breast prosthesis.

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Take a look at the Qup!

We are happy to show you the Qups! In this video you see what they look like, what different fabrics and sizes we have and you get an overall idea of the Qup.

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Help, my Qup shows asymmetrical !?

First of all, it is just as well to realize that no woman is completely symmetrical. Even women with two breasts often have a difference between left and right. To avoid disappointments, it is useful not to be too focussed on symmetry.   Having said that, it is of course nice if both bumps on […]

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