dealing with breastcancer taboo in sint maarten

Dealing with breast cancer taboos

Inspiring interview with Altegracia Linda Lake from Sint Maarten In the last year ProudBreast and the lightweight breast prostheses (Qups) were introduced in Sint Maarten. Over the years foundations like…
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proudbreast magazine jelly nienke explantatie

My Life After Explantation: A Journey of Courage and Empowerment

Explantation can be an intense and daunting procedure for women, leaving them uncertain about what to expect. Jelly Nienke (45) bravely chose to have her silicone breast implants removed and…
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Embracing life unbosomed

Embracing life unbosomed.

‘I want to become who I am.’ In our latest magazine, we had the pleasure of chatting with Sanne Esther, our inspiring brand ambassador who shines alongside Mia, Jacobien, and…
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Proudbreast blog over Mia en de impact van borstkanker op haar gezin

Family impact

Mia 2.0 Sparkling brown eyes, dark hair, and a beautiful smile. Mia Aslamiya Roehoeputy is a new face at ProudBreast, and we are delighted to have her in our midst.
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qups eco-friendly breast prosthesis

Qups, an eco-friendly breast prosthesis

Due to lower production costs, 70% of European textile imports currently come from Asia. At the same time, consumer expectations of sustainability are rising. How do you know what you…
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ProudBreast Qups ambassador Curacao caribbean

Destination Curaçao

In recent months, our Qups have traveled to various foreign destinations. Enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors have ensured that the Qups are now available in Belgium, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Who are…
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normaal actief zonder borsten

A normal & active life without breasts

Sjoerdje (53) thought her life would be very different after her mastectomy. No more going to the sauna, no more swimming or playing sports and no more wearing normal lingerie.
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proudbreast fans are comfortable with qups alternative breast prosthesis

We feel free and comfortable!

6 women talk about comfort using the Qups Sometimes it’s nice to make things as easy as possible for yourself. Especially after you’ve been through a lot of hassle. Then…
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header photo with feminine appearance

After implants my feminine feeling back

Jelly Nienke (42) was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago and lost a breast. She chose a silicone implant as a replacement, but decided to have it removed this…
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