ProudBreast Qup

What material is the Qup made of?

Of course you want to know what materials you will feel on your skin. What kind of substance is it, how does it feel and what about possible allergies? That…
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How to fix the Qup in your bra

How do you sew the qup in your existing bra? What does that look like and is it difficult? Clary and Suzanne van Proudbreast will keep you informed of developments…
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Take a look at the Qup!

We are happy to show you the Qups! In this video you see what they look like, what different fabrics and sizes we have and you get an overall idea…
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Help, my Qup shows asymmetrical !?

First of all, it is just as well to realize that no woman is completely symmetrical. Even women with two breasts often have a difference between left and right. To…
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What size do you need?

Of course you would like to know which Qup is most suitable for you! There are several ways to discover your size, choose one. Here online you can choose the…
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