proudbreast fans are comfortable with qups alternative breast prosthesis

We feel free and comfortable!

6 women talk about comfort using the Qups Sometimes it’s nice to make things as easy as possible for yourself. Especially after you’ve been through a lot of hassle. Then…
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ProudBreast Qup

What material is the Qup made of?

Of course you want to know what materials you will feel on your skin. What kind of substance is it, how does it feel and what about possible allergies? That…
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Take a look at the Qup!

We are happy to show you the Qups! In this video you see what they look like, what different fabrics and sizes we have and you get an overall idea…
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What size do you need?

Natuurlijk wil je graag weten welke Qup voor jou het meest geschikt is! Er zijn verschillende manieren om jouw maat te ontdekken, kies er eentje. Hier online kan je kiezen…
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