Qups are worn in different ways, this is what our users do:

-> In prosthetic bras and swimwear,

-> In bras with pockets, like a lot of sportswear or comfort bras (sometimes they come with pads, you can replace those with the Qup). Like the sloggi shirts you can find here: https://www.proudbreast.com/product-category/lingerie/

-> In normal bras with fashiontape

-> In normal bras when you attach them with three simple stitches. This only works if you keep a Qup per bra. First fit the qup in your bra the way it feels comfortable. Than fixate the qup temporarily with 3 pins. Now use the included sewing kit to sew the qup to your bra in three places. Do this preferably along the existing seams. See our instruction video here: https://www.proudbreast.com/how-to-fix-the-qup-in-your-bra/

-> In normal bras without fixation, this works for a lot of women