6 women talk about comfort using the Qups

Sometimes it’s nice to make things as easy as possible for yourself. Especially after you’ve been through a lot of hassle. Then you have earned some comfort! Because why make things difficult when they can be easy? That’s how our Qup was created, as a comfortable breast form for women who live without breasts…. But how comfortable is the Qup actually, what can you do with it that is so comfortable? Who better to explain that than users themselves… six women share their experiences.

ProudBreast Qups in comfort to the sauna

Jeanne goes to the sauna in comfort with Qups

I love going to the sauna. Not every week, but once every two months I really enjoy it. I used to wear the silicone prosthesis, but it’s a lot heavier than the Qup. I was a bit curious about how the Pearl Qup would hold up, but personally I find it much more comfortable. It swims great, and it went completely well in the sauna. The pearls don’t get hot. I thought it was really great, enjoyed it so much.

‘I didn’t experience any obstacles when I went to the sauna with Qups. On the contrary, it was a relief, it’ s so light. I’m sure no one noticed I was missing a breast. I have a high dimple on my chest and therefore wear a high-waisted bathing suit, in this the Qup also fits. Because the swimsuit is so high, my Pearl Qup stayed in place and I felt comfortable in it. Super that this is possible! I enjoyed myself so much that I’m going to the sauna again next week, haha.’


blog photo woman without breasts

Jacobien is comfortable with her new body

“Despite the pain, my breast cancer has also brought me a lot. If you can accept that this is it; that this is just happening to you, then you can step into that transformation. It’s bizarre how much freedom it gives you; that you can surrender. That really gives you peace. I was a huge control freak before I got sick; I planned and organized everything. I wanted to be in control of everything. But that is an illusion. I experience so much more freedom now. Even with one breast.”

‘I am so extremely happy with the Qup, what an invention. It totally fits my acceptance process. I would like to share that with other women who also have to miss a breast. But also my process with breast cancer and all my happiness afterwards. I want to help and inspire others.’


Elly sleeps comfortably with qups

‘Okay, the Qups may replace your breasts, but for me they do more than that’ shares Elly. ‘It may sound crazy, but they are so nice and soft and warm that I also sleep with them, they seem to adjust to my body temperature. You can embrace them so nicely, great to cuddle up with at night!”

Extra fun to share: Elly is our Qups sewmaster! She wears Qups with pleasure and sews all your Qups with love. Her knowledge of textiles helped to choose the fabric of 95% cotton and 5% elastane that goes easily through the sewing machine and feels soft on the skin. So even at night. 


blog photo sporty woman carola

Carola experiences no more hassle with qups

It was a bit of a search as to what size to get, but now I have a nice size that really suits me. And I am so happy with it that I want to shout it from the rooftops. I wish this to every woman with 1 or no breasts. I can wear normal lingerie again, great! I am so happy with the Qups; for the first time in 30 years I can wear my bra until late at night, that’s great. And so easy. I sew them into my bra and from that moment on, hup, right into the wash. And putting them on and taking them off in the evening without any hassle. Great, I feel like a woman again!


blog photo woman with washing liquid soak

Jelly washes qups very easily with SOAK

‘I like to be careful with my lingerie, and therefore also with the Qup. So I prefer not to put them in the washing machine. That’s why I wash my items by hand, which is now very easy with SOAK wash. I discovered that a year ago for my lingerie, and for Qups it works very well too. Hand washing sounds as if you are making things difficult for yourself, but fortunately that is not the case with soak’.


‘It’s not very cheap, but you really do use it for a long time. I’ve had mine for a year and I’m just about to order a new one. So you only need to use a very small amount of SOAK wash in a hand wash and still it does its job well. There is no need to scrub it yourself because the enzymes do its job. After the wash, take out the last bit of water and let them dry themselves. I am extremely happy with it!”


blog photo woman comfortable on vacation

Susanne thinks ordering Qups online is comfortable

‘I find the great advantage of the Qups is that I can try them on at home at my own leisure, without anyone watching. This way I don’t feel like a patient anymore. I can test it under different clothes to see how it looks. If I don’t like it, I can send it back. And the nice thing about ProudBreast is that they send the Qup in a nice box with a sweet card. A treat to get.’