Manual Qups

In our manual you can find more detailed information on our Qups and how to use them, an how NOT to use them. Also available in PDF file.

1. Introduction

1.1 Who is the Qup intended for?

The Qup is intended for women who miss a full breast for any reason.

2. Product description

2.1 Intended use

The Qup is made to fill the bra where a breast is missing. The Qups can be well worn during daily activities, as well as for sleeping, sports and swimming. The Qup is intended to:

  • Fill up your bra
  • Make you feel good about yourself and your body, even without breasts
  • Offer you comfort

2.2 Unintended use

The Qup is not a medical device and is not intended to:

  • Solve medical problems after losing a breast.
  • Solve balance problems
  • Resolve edema
  • Provide perfect symmetry

2.3 Product features Qups

Qups offer comfort, both in use and in wearing comfort. This high comfort contributes to the overall mental health of women without breasts.

There are two types of Qups: the lightweight SoftQup and the weighted PearlQup. The SoftQups are ultra lightweight, moisture-wicking and skin-friendly. The PearlQups have the same characteristics, but in addition have optimized weight per size.

  • Ultra-Lightweight (SoftQups) >> Because of this, you do not add ballast to your body, but your body learns to regain its own personal balance after losing a breast. Lightweight bra padding gives a pleasant wearing comfort.
  • Optimal weight (PearlQups) >> For larger sizes, a small weight has been added to somewhat compensate for the balance with the remaining breast. This weight is chosen in such a way that it contributes to the balance but does not create a large ballast for the shoulders and neck. This keeps the wearing comfort high.
  • Moisture regulating >> Wearing a padding on a daily basis is only pleasant if it also breathes and thus contributes to the regulation of body moisture. When your body warms up (due to exertion, hot flashes or hot weather) you will not experience any discomfort when wearing Qups.
  • Skin-friendly >> The cotton finish of the Qups ensures no irritation on the skin. During sporting moments, the Active Qups of quick-drying polyester ensure pleasant moisture regulation.

2.4 Sizing

The shape is size optimized on a wide range of standard lingerie available.

  • The SoftQup is available in 6 sizes. prosthesis sizes XS, S,M, L, XL and XXL.
  • The PearlQup is available in 5 sizes: S,M, L, XL and XXL.
  • The sizes correspond to regular prosthesis sizes as follows: 2/3 (XS), 4/5 (S), 6/7 (M), 8/9 (L), 10/11 (XL) and 12/13 (XXL).
  • Please note that due to manual processing, differences between Qups may occur

2.5 Product elements Qups

A Qup is a bust formed from ultra-soft foam, covered with various fabrics:

Soft foam padding 100% polyurethane (OekoTex label).

  • The core made of high-quality reticulated polyurethane foam
  • The foam is Oeko-Tex certified
  • The foam is produced in the Netherlands and processed into Qups in Germany

Outer version Qup 95% cotton 5% elastane

  • The lining consists of a jersey (Single Knit) of durable cotton from Turkey
  • The fabrics have the Oeko Tex and GOTS label
  • Some Limited Edition fashion fabrics do not contain a hallmark.
  • The upholstery is applied manually in the Netherlands

Exterior version Active Qup 88% polyester 12% spandex

  • The lining consists of a polyester fabric with up to 12% spandex from Taiwan.
  • As a result, the quick-drying capacity of this Qup is higher.
  • The fabrics are Oeko Tex certified
  • The upholstery is applied manually in the Netherlands

Extra weight (for Pearl Qups) 100% glass

  • The weight filling consists of polished glass beads from Belgium
  • The number of glass beads in the PearlQups depends on the size.
  • S=30 grams / M=60 grams / L=60 grams / XL=90 grams / XXL=120 grams

Labels 100% cotton

  • The labels provide essential information about washing instructions and size
  • The labels are 100% cotton and come from the Netherlands

3. Safety instructions

3.1 General

The product is not classified as hazardous, contains no dangerous substances and (if used according to instructions) poses no health hazard.

3.2 Balance issues

The Qup cannot cause balance problems because the Qup does not add substantial weight. It is your personal body balance that you must regain after losing a breast. Nor can the Qup solve balance problems. If you think you need more/different weight to regain your balance, we recommend you consult your doctor or therapist.

4. Usage

4.1 Fixation

There are several ways to wear the Qups in combination with lingerie

  • Wear the Qups in regular lingerie by sewing them in place along the three fitted cuff seams. A sewing kit is provided upon request. For fastening with needle and thread, a short video tutorial is available on our site.
  • Wear the Qups in regular lingerie by securing them with fashion tape, available at lingerie stores.
  • Wear the Qups in a standard prosthetic bra
  • Wear the Qups in regular bras with pockets
  • Wear the Qups in camisoles or a body with pockets

4.2 Sports and Qups

The Qups are good to use during sporting moments. They are moisture regulating so sweating is not a problem at all. For extra comfort during sports, use the Active Qup, which is finished with an extra quick dry fabric.

4.3 Scents

The Qups can take on scents such as sweat and smoke smell. In that case, the scent is easily removed by washing the Qup at 30 degrees.

5. Maintenance

5.1 Washing

Qups are washable at 30 degrees, preferably in a hand wash or hand wash cycle. Wash Qups in the washing machine in a protective laundry bag, just like your fine lingerie. Due to their moisture-regulating features, Qups dry quickly. We do not recommend spinning at high speed, because this will keep the Qup nice and in-tact longer.

5.2 Repair

Is the cover coming loose from the core? If so, sew it back on at the cut seams or return the Qup to ProudBreast so we can sew it back on. Check our site for further repair options.

5.3 Problem solving

Running into problems using the Qups? Please contact ProudBreast at [email protected] or by phone at 06-17033887

6. Removal

6.1 End of lifetime

Want to get rid of used Qups? Then there are three options:

  • You send your Qup back to ProudBreast. We investigate how to reuse the foams for other uses.
  • You can offer them via marketplace/vinted to other users
  • Donate them to women in Cuba

6.2 Disposal of packaging

  • Via online purchase you will receive the Qup in paper shipping bags or shipping boxes, these can go with your paper-garbage
  • You will receive the Qup in a cardboard box via Retail purchase, these can go with your paper-garbage
  • During promotions, you may receive packaging made of recyclable plastic, i.e. bags or ziplocks for longer use. Use them well. These can go with the regular plastic garbage at the end of their life.