Warranty conditions Qups

The Qups are made with love and undergo quality control one by one. Nevertheless, it may happen that something wrong happens with your Qup. Time to check these warranty conditions.

On discovering a defect, contact us as soon as possible.

Conditions for warranty

  • The guarantee is valid for up to 12 months after purchase and is valid only with proof of payment.
  • This guarantee period applies to Qups washed according to the washing instructions as mentioned in the User Manual of our Qups: wash at a maximum of 30 degrees, preferably in a hand wash.
  • The guarantee entitles you to repair or replace the Qup free of charge. Whether the Qup can be repaired is assessed by ProudBreast.

What is NOT covered by the warranty

  • Defects caused by drying on the heater or in the dryer
  • Defects caused by machine washing
  • Holes in fabric caused by sewing in lingerie
  • Damage caused by incorrect use
  • Normal wear, due to use such as slight discolouration or change of fabric due to washing.
  • Damage caused by excessive perspiration
  • Caused by external influences, e.g. friction, sharp objects or chemicals

All defects not described above will be dealt with by us. ProudBreast will first determine whether the Qup can be repaired. If this is not possible, we will offer an alternative solution.

For any questions regarding our warranty policy, please email [email protected] or call 06 17033887