Of course you want to know what materials you will feel on your skin. What kind of substance is it, how does it feel and what about possible allergies? That is why we have listed this for you.

The core

The core of the Qup is made of a polyether with a particularly open cell structure and antibacterial characteristics. This type of foam is flexible and heat regulating. It is also used in hospitals when bandaging wounds, indicating that it is absolutely not irritating. The foam is very elastic and has a large resilience. And the great thing is, it can be washed in the washing machine with a normal program. While whashing, the shape stays in form; the foam will optimally retain its shape and always spring back into the desired breast shape.


The Qup is also very comfortable to wear in hot weather and generally gives a dry and neutral feel to the skin. We cannot, of course, completely reveal the secret. But an important component is that the foam that we use has a particularly open cell structure. You can easily test this yourself. Put your mouth on the Qup and try to breathe through it! You will find it’s very breathable as the cells are not only very large (on average 5 per cm) but are also in open connection with each other.

Textile cover

We have selected various fabrics for the textile cover. The starting point is soft, comfortable and as natural as possible. We found that combination in a series of Modal Sweat fabrics and a number of French Terry jersey / cotton fabrics. How soft is soft enough? As far as we are concerned, the softer the better. Because the Qup will never feel like a natural breast. It is something that does not belong to your body, it will always feel like a pillow that you carry. That is why our starting point is to make the foam so soft that you feel it as little as possible. But of course it is strong enough not to be pressed down by wearing a tight shirt. So firm enough, but especially very soft.

Oeko-Tex certified

Both our foam and our textiles are Oeko-Tex certified. This website describes why this is such a fine quality mark. Eko-tex (Ökotex) standard 100 is a quality mark that gives you guarantees regarding health. Oeko-tex tests the clothing for harmful substances. If a garment receives the Oeko-tex quality mark, the garment contains no harmful substances. So better for your skin and health!

More details in the webshop

While choosing your Qup in the webshop you will find detailled information about the specific Qups. Each core is the same, but the cover textiles differ per type.