Of course you would like to know which Qup size is most suitable for you! With the table below you can look up your ideal Qup size.

Qups Sizewizard

To make it easy on you we’ve made as small helping hand to find your Qup size.All you need to do is fill in your bra size, and the Qup size we advise will come out.

Choose the right size for your Qup

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Qups Sizetabel

The Qups are available in 6 sizes. You can look up your Qup size in the table below. If you are more of a text person, then here is a list of all sizes and associated qups sizes:

  • X-Small = 60C, 60D, 65B, 65C, 70A, 70B, 75AA, 75A en 80AA
  • Small = 65D, 65E, 70C, 70D, 75B, 75C, 80A en 80B, 85AA en 85A
  • Medium = 70E, 70F, 75D, 75F, 80C, 80D, 85B, 85C, 90A, 90B
  • Large = 75F, 75G, 80E, 80F, 85D, 85E, 90C, 90D, 95B en 95C
  • X-Large = 80G, 85F, 85G, 90E, 90F, 95D, 95E, 100C, 100D, 105B, 105C
  • 2X-Large = 90G, 95F, 95G, 100E, 100F, 105D, 105E, 110C, 110D


Do you have no idea at all about your current sizes? Then you can determine your size with the help of the table below. First you measure your lower-width. Then your upper-width, be sure to measure with your current prosthesis in place. The difference is your cup-size.

International sizes

Are you not familiar with the Dutch or European sizes? Then we also have a table with measurements from other countries such as America, Australia and Japan. Here you can find your size and convert it to a Dutch size, then you know which Qup you need.

What if you miss both breasts?

If you miss both breasts, measuring an upper-width is of course difficult. Yet you want your breasts to be in proportion to your body. For the Qup size, your bra size is then especially important. If you still have bras that you want to use, take that size as the basis for your Qup size. If you want to purchase new bras, you can also think the other way around. Do you want small, medium or large breasts? What suits your body and what are you used to? The combination of your Qup size and your lower-width then gives you a bra- and cup-size.

Choose your Qup

Now that you know your size, you can choose a nice Qup in our webshop. The Qups are available in different colors and patterns. Still in doubt? You can also try out the Qups in one of our fittingpoints in the Netherlands. In need of a fitting point in another country? Let us know! Or you order two sizes online and choose which one fits best. You can always return the other one or make someonelse happy!