Of course you would like to know which Qup is most suitable for you! There are several ways to discover your size, choose one. Here online you can choose the size guide, or use the size chart. Another way is to try on, this can be done at one of our stores or at home. Choose the tip that suits you best.

Tip 1: use our size guide

Enter your size and bra cup below and immediately see which size Qup suits you best.

Choose the right size for your Qup

Fill in your sizes below

Tip 2: use the size chart

Below we have made an overview of the sizes of Qups compared to regular lingerie sizes and also in relation to existing silicone prosthesis sizes. This way you can easily find out which qup suits you best.

Qups size table prosthesis lingerie convertor
Qups size table prosthesis lingerie convertor

Are you unsure about your size? Then it is useful to try on, this can be done in the store or at your home.

Tip 3: Try on the qups in a lingerie store

At the moment we only have stores selling Qups in the Netherlands, but we are working on expanding our network! Do you have suggestions? Maybe you know stores that could be interested? Let us know! Mail [email protected] and we will follow up.

Tip 4: Fit the qups at home

Would you rather try it at home, that is also possible! In that case, you only pay the shipping costs that may be additionally required to return Qups. The most common is that women order two sizes and then try on at home which size fits best. You can then return the size you do not want, or exchange it for the correct size. Even more convenient!

Found the right size?

Did you manage to find the right size? Then you can find out in the webshop which Qup suits you, we have all kinds of colors. Choose one that makes you happy! And have fun with it.